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Our History
Our Team
Our Mission

Executive Security is an internationally diversified, risk management group serving clientele ranging from governments to major corporations.

We enable our clients to secure and protect their physical, intellectual, and people assets. Our group specializes in counter terrorism, transportation security, comprehensive risk management solutions, and security services.

Our success is rooted in the commitment of our management to servant leadership, excellence, integrity, inspirational vision, and customer service.

The Meaning of the Executive Shield

Rising Sun- represents the growth, expansion and development of the Executive team and the rise of the company within the security industry

Lightning Bolts- symbolizes our continued commitment and support of internal & external communication, as well as the company's advancement into sophisticated electronic security and technology

Locked Chain & Padlock- symbolizes the importance of strong basic security techniques as well as modern methods of implementation

Flames- illustrates the ever constant awareness of the danger of fire and of our continuous updated training of all our personnel in methods of prevention



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